Be A Rebel

Stop overpaying for rhinestones!  Whether you are embellishing a costume, jacket, uniform or just about anything else for that matter - you can now purchase the highest quality rhinestones for the lowest prices!


ParkerMay Designs is proud to partner with Rebel Rhinestones!  For years we've been embellishing our costumes with Rebel Rhinestones.  The high quality, low price stones really set our costumes apart. We are so happy to offer the full line of Rebel Rhinestones!


So many of our designs were created specifically to be used as costumes bases.  Now you can create your own solo, duo or group costumes that will shine on stage.  Almost all of our designs are available in custom colors and we are happy to supply you with matching and coordinating Rebel Rhinestones.

Appliques and More

Along with the highest quality rhinestones, Rebel also sells appliques and more! Sew on Rhinestone Shapes, Rhinestone Appliques, Rhinestone Trim and Pearl Cabochons are also available for purchase. Contact us for more info.